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Cheryl Hilgenbrink

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I’m Cheryl – a [humbled] mama of two sons here on earth, and two children in heaven. In short, I am a: Doting Wife + Toddler Interpreter + Recovering Perfectionist + MomBrain Apologetic + Lover of most meals that aren't kiddo leftovers. Throughout my adult life, I find myself reminded of how lucky I am to live the life I have with limitless opportunities. I've felt this ever-present push that I should use my earthly blessings and skills to help the disadvantaged. I’ve had a tough time finding ways to do so that are fulfilling to me and uniquely I M P A C T F U L to others. In Noonday, I’ve discovered an outlet that combines my values of empathy, compassion and community, with my God-given vocational traits (while being able to fit them into my schedule). This phrase from the Noonday Manifesto really resonates with me: **When we look across the globe, we don't see strangers, we see ourselves.** Every person has a story. Sadly, most go untold. Being able to partner with Noonday and share stories from empowered artisans brings me so much joy. Not to mention, I get to do so while hanging out with awesome women and showcasing absolutely gorgeous, truly unique handcrafted fashion pieces! But this isn’t just about buying pretty things. It’s about feeling C O N N E C T E D to the mom who created it; who has SUSTAINABLE, DIGNIFIED work to not only support her family’s basic needs, but the ability to finally buy her daughter a birthday gift. << #DidYouKnow On average, 1 ambassador creates work for 3 artisans? >> Will you be part of my mission to continue to employ as many people as possible? No one can do it alone, but collectively, we can make a huge impact. Thank you for using your purchasing power to make a significant difference!

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